Network Management

When it comes to managing your network, we give you the freedom to choose. Because a one-size-fits-all approach can’t possibly meet your needs as your business evolves.

Manage an entire cluster of Instant access points.

All Moap Instant access points feature a simple, intuitive management dashboard that’s easy to use. New access points automatically get their configurations from existing ones, making it quick and effortless to increase Wi-Fi coverage.

Management the way you want it.

When it comes to Wi-Fi management, we give you the flexibility to choose. You can use an Instant access point or a controller to manage an entire cluster of access points. Or you can manage them with a cloud-based or an on-site network management platform.

Simple, yet powerful.

We provide the strongest Wi-Fi connection for all mobile devices. And granular visibility into mobile apps prioritizes business-critical data, and keeps out the malicious content.

Manage multiple Instant clusters and switches in the cloud.

Moap is your best choice for managing wired and wireless in the cloud. Monitoring, troubleshooting, firmware upgrades, provisioning and configuration – it’s all in the cloud.

All the enterprise-grade management and monitoring you'll need.

We make it easy to monitor, troubleshoot and manage groups of APs and switches. It also comes with automatic maintenance and firmware management, PCI-compliance reporting, guest Wi-Fi management and full tech support.

View and analyze application traffic.

Secure and optimize your network performance with application-level intelligence and web URL classification offered by a dedicated AppRF dashboard. Leverage the app-specific traffic insight to define and enforce granular access policies.